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Meet The Artist

Self Portrait 1.jpg

I am recent graduate from the prestigious Edinburgh Napier University, ranked #1 for photography in the UK, I have been blessed with having worked with every conceivable photographic medium there is, from 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film, to APS-C, full frame and medium format digital cameras, Hasselblad both analogue and digital, Phase One, Nikon, Canon, Intrepid and Pentax and Leica, I have has used it all. Studying under the tutelage of renowned UK artists lecturing at Napier such as Lei Cox, Dr Alexander Supartono, Ron O'Donnell and Morag Livingstone. An avid enjoyer of provocative art and social commentaries, anything from Nirvana's transcendent lyrics of youthful rebellion against systematic minutia to Orwellian oppression. I focus this through the concept of the 'human condition' photographing all aspects of people, portraits, journalism and art is his way of reacting and adjoining to these issues.

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