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Erotic Musings

Forever inspired by abrasive fashion superstars such as Alexander McQueen and Dame Vivienne Westwood, overtly androgynous musicians like Placebo's Brian Molko and fellow fine-artists such as Daido Moriyama, Robert Mapplethorpe and Francis Bacon, Sam has decided to embrace the abrasive. Musing over eroticisms heavily features eroticism all captured as seductively as possible, shot with a wide angle 28mm macro lens, on a nude acquaintance of Sam's wearing silk fishnets thinly concealing some mysteriously attractive bruises. All shot exclusively in monochrome with the artists fingers carefully and slowly selecting the point of focus with great care, never taking his eyes off of the impressionistic legs of the model. The viewer will immediately feel the caressing closeness of the images, beautifully presented on C-type printed Fujifilm archival crystal glass matte paper, sized to a gorgeous 10 inch by 10 inch, with exceedingly contrasting bespoke 30 inch by 30 inch real wood frames and hand crafted white mounts to compliment the segments to a precisely constructed vision of minimalistic beauty. Witness the Edinburgh Exhibition at the Edinburgh Napier University Merchiston campus from the 26th of May. The London Exhibition itself will begin initial set-up on the 22nd of June at the Free Range art gallery in Brick Lane, East End of London.

Edinburgh & London

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